Todd Lubar


Todd Lubar Launched into the Real Estate industry in 1995. It quickly became apparent to Todd that because of his marvel of every facet of the business and his desire to help others he would make Real Estate and finance his life long career. His initial foray into the business was as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he quickly learned the model of conservative Mortgage banking. This would prove to be an invaluable experience. He spent his time developing relationships with Real Estate agents, CPA’s, financial planners and insurance agents who now comprise the base of an incredible source of referral business.

In 1999 Todd took another step in a long line of advancements by acquiring an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. This afforded him the opportunity to expand his lending capabilities to be able to broker loans to outside investors as well as lend as a direct Mortgage Bank. In 2002 he decided to take his Real Estate focus to another level and opened up Legendary Properties, LLC. A residential development company. His establishment in the Real Estate community facilitated the rapid progression of purchasing, rehabilitating, selling and profiting on 200 plus transactions ranging from single family dwellings to twenty unit multi-family properties. By doing so he was able to develop relationships with people experienced in all of the building trades needed to produce a quality product in a timely fashion. This was pivotal in establishing multiple relationships with major banking institutions establishing lines of credit as high as Twenty million dollars.

Continuing his involvement in the Mortgage Banking industry, in 2003 Todd opened Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation, one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the US. This affiliation afforded Todd to expand his business due to the overwhelming access to a wealth of products and programs.

Having observed the market for over 12 years, Todd assessed a niche of underserved clients. Consequently he formed Legendary Financial LLC which is an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. And is a commercial lending source for both individuals and companies. Up to this point Todd used Legendary properties liquidity along with his own funds to aid a market of borrowers who would otherwise be overlooked by traditional lending sources. Todd’s involvement in over 7000 transactions allowed him to hone his ability to analyze the overall risk of almost any loan scenario and make appropriate decisions based primarily on market conditions.

As the mortgage industry began to go through major changes in 2007 and 2008 Todd got involved in several other lines of business. These included commercial demolition where he was able to obtain some very large contracts from some of the largest general contractors in the country. In addition he became involved in the Automotive Scrap metal recycling business which ultimately led to the company being traded in public market place.

Todd currently resides in Bethesda Maryland. He has 2 beautiful children that live in Bethesda as well. He loves Orange County CA. He loves to spend time with his kids and travel. His goal is to continue to be a better person tomorrow than he was today and be able to add value to all that he comes into contact with.